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Port Macquarie Business Brokers - Summary checklist

Summary checklist

The following records will be of great assistance in preparing the assessment of your business for sale and its ultimate presentation to a prospective purchaser: 

  1. Copy of  current lease or conditions for lease if freehold is owned by vendor.
  2. GST returns (BAS statements)
  3. Current financial records.
  4. Previous financials/tax returns.
  5. Turnover records/Banking details immediately prior to listing.
  6. Employee records. Current staffing levels.
  7. Copies of leases for plant and equipment.
  8. Copies of service contracts.
  9. Copies of insurances held.
  10. Approval to operate from Council (if applicable)
  11. Web Site address.
  12. Advertising or promotion for the business(yellow pages etc) other marketing strategies.
  13. Accountant details.
  14. History of the business.
  15. Debtors and Creditors.
  16. Trading Hours.
  17. Skills, courses, licensing requirements for operator (if any)


Please be assured that any information supplied to us will be treated as confidential, and any information supplied to a potential purchaser will have appropriate safeguards applied to ensure confidentiality.

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